Selection #4

Subterrain Oblivions

84 mins

Like an archive of grief and a grieved archive, memory here roams between mourning and melancholia, introjection and incorporation, loss, and the representation of the loss through imaginary and tangible replacements in doubled visuality. In drawing our gaze to the ground under our feet, buried bones - digested by tireless soil-feeding earthworms - appear as a secret archive reduced to cinders and ashes, neither physical trace nor concrete absence. Memory reestablishes presence in desire through a phantom dance and an animal reminiscence of the otherness in a tactile, desperate attempt to preserve sensuality in death. Residues sing in oblivion.



Sat 25 Nov

21:30 - 23:00 / ACUD KINO

Ewelina Rosinska

Germany, 2023, 20' 00’’, 16mm, HD, sound, German Premiere

I read in the writings of one painter that the Polish landscape seems to him to continually draw our gaze to the ground - making us look not at the horizon but under our feet, at the bones buried in every step.
The film shifts between the portrait of eighty-year-old Catholics (my grandparents) and my view of the elements of the national-Catholic narrative in the Polish landscape. A landscape in the physical, cultural, and historical sense.
The title 'Ashes are the name of a man' is borrowed from a church notice board in Nowa Grobla, in Roztocze. The hill range of Roztocze is the centre of my explorations, while Krakow and Lviv form the boundaries of the area in which I moved.

Frédérique Menant

France, 2022, 39' 00", 35mm, sound, German Premiere

A woman walks through islands’ landscapes where intimate territories of grief are being drawn. What do we make of the dead who still live in us? How do we live at the same time with and without them? How can we be present to the world with this abyss? With a sensitive, almost tactile approach, a world is composed again where the missing find a place aside from the living, where sensuality overcomes the collapse.

Anna Marziano
Italy, Germany, 2022, 12' 00", 16mm, HD, sound, German Premiere

Inspired by the last essay Charles Darwin wrote on the action of worms, Anna Marziano crafted a film where the cultural and political action is placed in continuity with the work of earthworms, digesting and feeding the soil microscopically day after day.

Eve Heller
Austria, 2021, 13’ 00’’, 35mm, sound

“A magnificent visual and musical poem, simultaneously timeless and in delicate synchronicity with our devastated present.” Nicole Brenez


Thu 23

21.00 / ACUD KINO
Selection #1
Study of an Island

Fri 24

20:00 / ACUD KINO
Selection #2
Cartography of Littleness

22:00 / ACUD KINO
Selection #3
Liminal Space

Sun 26

20:30 / ACUD KINO
Milena Gierke

Part 2