Selection #2

Cartography of Littleness

60 mins

The texture of childhood is a labyrinthine cartography of oblivion, an inner exteriority where life's memories, as in a waking dream, intersect with unknown patterns through tiny collisions. Electronic dots of light blink like eyelids on the asphalt, pop from their sockets like roulette pills, balled into paper orbs that roll over forest-like backdrops and beyond. Eyeballs slam down from above, smashed onto the imaginary shadow avenues from a film noir cartonné, vanishing toward absence like forces of visual poems.



Fri 24 Nov

20:00 - 21:00 / ACUD KINO

Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu

USA, Taiwan, 2022, 08' 00", Double 8mm, 16mm, found footage, HD, sound, European Premiere
The texture of childhood. Calling to those little things that once lived, to moments that seem unimportant, to the ones we’ve forgotten or whose names were never known.

Justin Jinsoo Kim

South Korea, USA, 2021, 08' 00", HD, sound, European Premiere

A private memory is examined and explored through a simple personality test found on the internet. The photographs and sounds, recorded by the interviewee at the forest and other places, become distorted and transformed by the artist or the audience. In the reconstructed forest, the questioner, the interviewee, and the audience start to picture images of an animal, a house, a sound of water, and beyond.

Michael Lyons
Japan, 2023, 04 '45", 16mm, HD, silent, German Premiere

This camera-less silent film examines parts and wholes. Electronic components were photogrammed on 16mm print stock. Displacements in time and space assemble the parts into an abstract dynamic gestalt.

Lewis Klahr
USA, 2019, 09' 10", HD, sound

Monogram has an interesting history of process. My dear friend, the preeminent film scholar Tom Gunning wrote the “screenplay” which is actually a poem that he created in response to William Castle’s 1944 Film Noir “When Strangers Marry” starring Robert Mitchum, Kim Hunter, and Dean Jagger. I, in turn, took Tom’s script and my own impressions of “When Strangers Marry” and turned them into this elliptical, colour noir crime story set to mostly soundtrack hiss and foley’s culled from early sound films. Like a waking dream, what can be clearly described in words is less significant than what can be felt. – Lewis Klahr

Dianna Barrie, Richard Tuohy
Australia, 2022, 10' 50", 16mm, sound, German Premiere

We face a constant stream of tiny collisions as in film as in life. It was filmed in one breath in Melbourne, Tijuana, Doha, Riga, Vilnius, Kaliningrad, and Moscow (before the war).

Alexandre Larose
Canada, France, 2022, 13' 00", super 8 and 16mm, 35mm, silent, German Premiere

“III." is the 3rd part of a triptych articulated around the figure of my father, who performs every-day gestures/actions/movements in various domestic spaces.

Wenhua Shi
USA, 2023, 04' 20", 16mm, HD, silent, World premiere

A visual poem was composed when no one was at home.


Thu 23

21.00 / ACUD KINO
Selection #1
Study of an Island

Fri 24

20:00 / ACUD KINO
Selection #2
Cartography of Littleness

22:00 / ACUD KINO
Selection #3
Liminal Space

Sun 26

20:30 / ACUD KINO
Milena Gierke

Part 2