Selection #1

Study of an Island

63 mins

There, where the insular element dominates, it is impossible to survive.
Every island waits impatiently to sink.
A theory of the island is marked by this certainty.
An island can always disappear.

The first film mirrors the last: an island that assumes its existence in the cinematic gesture, and one which is captured by it to survive its inevitable disappearance. It is seldom possible to grasp the overall picture. Whether we consider an island a geographical notion or a place of memory, the three films conduct this research by means of a movement – immersive, waivering, geometrical: the desire for a discovery, the impulse to harmlessly collect, the promise of an enshrined departure.



Thu 23 Nov

21:00 - 22:20 / ACUD KINO

Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado

Spain, 2021, 18’ 00’’, 16mm, HD, sound, German Premiere

San Borondón is a mythical island that appears and disappears offshore. The legend of the island became so pervasive that, during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, expeditions were organized to discover and conquer it. Its existence was even recorded in several maps of the time. The directors Girón and Delgado also set out for a lyrical exploration in search of the island armed with modern weapons such as 16mm film, digital video camera, and a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). The latter does not merely capture images but also takes samples of marine plants and rocks from the sea mountain Tropic. What if its peak, that lies at 970 mt below sea level, was the mythic island that used to surface from the sea waves?

James Edmonds

UK, 2023, 05' 00", super 8, sound, Berlin Premiere

My first visit to England after a gap of two years, it's as if I’m discovering each subject for the first time. Objects picked up one by one. Every form seems to contain its dissolution, a premonition of loss. Holding on to the edge of a cloud, a hungry ghost throws its wishes to the sea.

Emmanuel Piton
France, 2020, 42' 00", 16mm, HD, sound, German Premiere

Enez is a physical and poetic exploration, shot in film, of a small piece of land lost in the middle of the sea. The sea is gradually nibbling away at this island, which will be completely submerged in a few decades. The film scans this space that seems far from everything while tracing the memory of the islanders. They seem to be facing this disappearance, and yet they persist in living here on this rock eaten away by the waters.


Thu 23

21.00 / ACUD KINO
Selection #1
Study of an Island

Fri 24

20:00 / ACUD KINO
Selection #2
Cartography of Littleness

22:00 / ACUD KINO
Selection #3
Liminal Space

Sun 26

20:30 / ACUD KINO
Milena Gierke

Part 2