Selection #9

You Are Here

64 mins

Sorting through various strategies for representing and experiencing space, the programme juxtaposes disorienting views switching between immersion and estrangement, embodied landscapes and virtual perspectives: following spiral paths or spherical surfaces, swiping digital maps or scroll paintings, scanning through grids and pixels as mirrors for subjectivity where memories are pinned. Tackling the widespread impulse to map and locate, visualise and control, these works cut across the network of inscriptions that binds earth and sky, sketching a cartography of the self that merges personal and cultural fields of view.


Sun 26 May

16:00h / ACUD KINO

Ei Toshinari & Duy Nguyen
Running in Circles
USA/Japan, 2018, 4’ 20'', Super 8mm > HD video colour, silent, German Premiere

Two different perspectives of experiencing Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty.

Greg Marshall
Canada, 2018, 2’ 40’’, HD video, colour, sound, German Premiere

“bearing” composes Google 360° Sphere photographs from Yemen with recorded data from over 327 US military drone attacks in Yemen between 2002 to 2018. Almost all the attacks occurred between 2009 and 2018 according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. These records of drone attacks were further researched according to their geographic location. Each region of attack with its longitude and latitude is then remapped to a planar image that is used to create the image sphere. Hence, the camera reveals the rotational coordinates and timing of each attack, visualizing the 17-year period into about 2 and a 1/2 minutes of animation. The images from Yemen are assembled according to their time of day and weather and place within a synchronized spin of yearly revolution. A central mirror-like sphere also indicates the severity of each attack according to its size and is locked in the relation to the camera. The images date from 2016 to 2018 and depict various regions and cities within Yemen, areas of everyday common interest, a kind of geographic snapshot of the country which for the most part do not necessarily depict results of civil war or drone strikes in the country. The video is a conceptual continuation a previous animated art video “Drone,” from 2016 which uses news story data collected from Google Alerts dating back to 2013 that is coded and represented into 3 dimensional colour and bump data.

Micah H. Weber
Landscape Hovel Picture Fun
USA, 2018, 17’, HD video, colour/b&w, sound, German Premiere

Ensnared in quarreling modes of appearing, and disappearing - between biography, philosophy, and death - Landscape Hovel Picture Fun is dedicated to the story of the day that never comes - which of course, is a day that comes, but never in time. The angel of animation is governed by the lives that enter its domain, and the mysteries that populate its perimeter: Art is a continuation of life by other means.

Ross Meckfessel
The Air of the Earth in Your Lungs
USA/Japan, 2018, 11’, 16mm > HD video, colour, sound, Berlin Premiere

The story of the attempted draining and Drones and GoPros survey the land while users roam digital forests, oceans, and lakes. Those clouds look compressed. That tree looks pixelated. A landscape film for the 21st century.

Jiehao Su
The Storm in the Morning
China/USA/Italy, 2018, 17' 45'', HD video, colour, sound, German Premiere

The Storm in the Morning is an autobiographical film. It blends digital, natural, and cultural worlds to build a multidimensional narrative where memories, languages, and images work together to navigate and reconstruct my personal experience and perception. By returning to the tradition of remembering in classical Chinese literature, I aim to create new dialogues or connections between the experience and memory, languages and images, the present and the past.

Daniel Murphy
The Desert Forgotten
USA, 2018, 11', 16mm > HD video, b&w, sound, German Premiere

An autopsy in space and place, The Desert Forgotten juxtaposes a quintessentially contemporary account of Death Valley National Park, satellite imagery, with one of the first accounts of the region on record.