Selection #12

Ghosts of the Market

42 mins
In attendance: Bernd Lützeler

Piling up signs as a procession of revenants, this programme moves through flickering wonderlands of expired dreams and lost futures, observing the ghastly return of a past which signifies the congestion of the present, its lack of perspectives. Estranged voices introduce us to all too familiar alien visitors, while shiny skulls reminds us how far we are from enlightenment. An hypnotic journey through haunted fun parks, brutalist buildings, communist-era ads, shops engulfed by products and windows reflecting classy brands and homeless people. An accumulation of commodities and images staring back to us as puzzling fetishes.


Sun 26 May

20:45h / ACUD KINO

Péter Lichter
Nutrition Fugue
Hungary, 2018, 4', 35mm > HD video, colour, sound, German Premiere

Közért" (translation: "for the public") was a government owned chain of stores in Hungary, during the communist era (1948-1989). The word Közért is still used in the Hungarian language. Our film was made from the 35 mm celluloid raw footage of its advertisement: the film strips were digged in the soil, rotten with food and cut up in pieces.

Allan Brown
Canada/Serbia, 2018, 13’, 16mm > HD video, colour, sound, German Premiere

Accented by collaged radio audio fog of alien invasion paranoia, oneiric images from Serbia fuse with the Canadian Shield of northern Quebec. Dreamland is a conjuring of spectres through hypnotic frequencies; a journey through alien landscapes and brutalist dreams.

Chris Paul Daniels
Northern Lights
UK, 2018, 13' 44'', Super8 & 16mm > HD video, colour, sound, German Premiere

'Courtesy Grundy Art Gallery Collection, Blackpool Council' 
An inquisitive voice from the far future, or ‘visitor from another place’, interrogates the traditions and artefacts of the Blackpool Illuminations, the annual light festival first established in 1879.
The disembodied voice seeks to understand, but often confuses, Northern English vernacular and traditions against the current shifting political dialogue surrounding Britain’s future; misunderstanding Blackpool’s unique fantastical imagery as totemic remnants of a former era. Daniels presents his own contemporary 16mm and super-8 film observations as a found archive, and a script littered with word-play related to the local landscape and other seaside end-of-the-pier resorts.

Michael Woods
Window Shopping (in the fall of Babylon)
USA, 2018, 2’ 15’’, 16mm > HD video, colour, sound, World festival Premiere

Nothing is not; on behalf of human rot, this not’s a mental map. You can stroll through with eyes ablaze by scorching sun that spreads the waves of city smog, LED light fog, and Christmas luminescence on dead presidents with no essence. Just fluorescence, as the gas builds up, and the homeless walk through a fascist dump.

Bernd Lützeler
India/Germany, 2018, 9’, 16mm > HD video, colour, sound

The streetscapes of contemporary Indian metros are dominated by products. The typical local shop can be described as a windowless, rectangular box. Filled with products galore up to the ceiling. The product itself serves as the interior design. Shopping galore. Products galore. Profits galore.