The main selection is  presented as a series of curated programmes addressing topical issues that pertain to an ethical and aesthetic understanding of the contemporary media ecology. The programmes weave together a varied corpus of poetic and political inquiries that delve into the depth of material reality, employing the medium to investigate the thresholds of perceptual landscapes, interrogate the set of power/knowledge structures permeating the social body and re-imagine its possible configurations.

Fracto is conceived as an encounter embracing the cinematic medium as a membrane for intersubjective exchanges: a compound eye merging multiple perspectives into an embodied and shared experience where the primordial and the critical actively unfold in the enjoyment of endless interpretation.

Selection #1
Summoning Bell

Selection #2
Through a Glass, Darkly

Selection #3
Melodramas of Futility

Selection #4
Photosynthesis (Alchemies of Light)

Selection #5

Selection #6
Frameworks and Translations

Selection #7
Taxonomic Encounters

Selection #8
Echos for Revival

Selection #9
You Are Here

Selection #10
Unnatural History

Selection #11
Repeat / Replace

Selection #12
Ghosts of the Market

Selection #13
Notes on Gestures