Experimental Film Encounter

October 21-24, 2021



The underlying theme of the festival for 2021 is Appropriation, where we explore how our contemporary realities and their environment are lensed, configured, contextualised and re-contextualised.
In keeping with this theme, the Special Program will focus on Found Footage as film practice. Specifically, Austrian avant-garde filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky will dialogue with Paris-based curator Federico Rossin. The common point of Tscherkassy’s production dwells in the structural critique of the conventions that rule narrative cinema, forcing the audience to rethink the traditional conception of film. 
We will also present a selection of works by Finnish moving image artists, curated by Kari Yli-Annala, and dealing with appropriation of found images and objects.
Furthermore, we will show the expanded cinema performance The Eyes Empty and the Pupils Burning of Rage and Desire, by Luis Macías.
The side program organised by Occulto will present textiles – threading speculative archipelagoes, an interdisciplinary project by Filippo Bertoni, Alice Cannavà, Chiara Garbellotto, Sybille Neumeyer.

Thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Team 2021

In charge of programme
Giuseppe Boccassini 

Clara Sokol

Giuseppe Boccassini
Federico Rossin
Arindam Sen
Maximilien Luc Proctor
Alice Cannava (occulto)  

Press and social
Catarina Cavallari

Natalia Fentisova
Melina Pafundi 

Graphic and web design