Selection #4

A Home Is A Hallway

62 mins

Jittery takes on the mundane, and the uncertainty which lurks behind the seeming innocence of an empty domestic space. Mysterious places where we end up with spit on the lens, homes and their outdoor hallways. Is a home a building or the space we carry around with us? Is it external or internal? We carry a house inside ourselves, one which is sometimes visible in the reflections of shop windows at night.

Fri 23 Oct

18:30 - 19:00 / ACUD STUDIO

Roger Deutsch
You Used to be Happy

2020, Hungary, 16mm/S8/Hi8, col/bw, sound, 6'

What can I give you to make you happy again.

Karissa Hahn
Eviction, Demolition

2019, USA, S8, b/w, sound, 4'

And suddenly the last time in a home.

Carl Elsaesser
Itinerary of Surfaces

2020, USA, 16mm/live streaming camera/2K, col, sound, 8'

What I am//What you are//salt and sweat on my tongue. A love letter of domestic imagination. The habits and musings of the ordinary in a remote location. A year of rain and other fluids. Contentment is a difficult emotion. 26 Main St. Bucksport, ME

Christine Lucy Latimer
House Pieces

2019, Canada, VHS, col, silent, 2' 30''

Years ago, my Mother sold her home. Hundreds of high dynamic range digital photos were taken to provide to the real estate agent for the online sale listing. The images were left on an SD card that was strangely stored and subject to environmental degradation. Disassembling each damaged, barely there high dynamic range photo into its light and dark component parts, I built a VHS cascade of house pieces (never quite reconstituting what was).

Matt Whitman
Self-torture collider in H.264

2020, USA, 16mm, bw, silent, 7'

A seven-minute visitation to a vanishing and reappearing space of perpetual collision of digital memories and digital nightmares. Made in quarantine with the support of Mono No Aware.

Benjamín Ellenberger
Night Reflection (Part ll)

2020, Argentina,16mm, bw, silent, 5'

Light has no tongue but it is all eye. John Donne A series of short films about how the night immerses us in a world where the deepest thoughts emerge. Shot frame-by-frame with long exposure times and developed by hand before dawn. The spaces at night are transformed and intimate places are often encrypted and then they open, and a series of static images advance to leave time behind, like those dreams we don't want to remember.