Selection #3


54 mins

Excavating forgotten organics; from suppressed memories to recent disputes. Using someone else's old (though clear) photographs to obscure our present self. Sometimes a plastic bag brings us closer to the truth, while a shimmering trophy obscures it. "He has left nostalgia behind. All he has is this moment, this infinite present..."

Fri 23 Oct

17:00 - 18.00 / ACUD STUDIO

Diana Barrie
Self Portrait with Bag

2020, Australia, S8, col, silent, 6’

A camera-less portrait of the artist. Super 8 cartridges placed inside a black cotton bag, the film advanced via a hand crank. The tiny gaps in the fabric weave make for dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of tiny pinhole lenses.

Michael Lyons
Queen of Dots

2020, HD, bw/col, silent, 2' 30''

The Queen of dots is also a queen of Instagram and Tumblr. Love forever.

Charlotte Clermont
Where i don't meet you

2019, Canada, S8, bw, sound, 4'

Shot on Super 8, where i don't meet you is based on its own physicality by the means of a DIY hand processing technique, where the film's materiality is treated not only as a medium but also as a subject. Its narrative structure reflects a work on film deconstruction, which joins an unpredictable and experimental universe. Showing a series of figurative shots accompanied by a textual sequence, formal and psychological associations are developed between each of the images. Through a confusing poetry, a filmic atmosphere unfolds in a "non-place", which recalls a moment lost between two time-spaces.

Grace Mitchell
Too Much Fun

2020, USA, HD, col, sound, 12'

Too Much Fun is an attitudinal account of familial tragedy surrounding suicide, incest & identity. How do we reconcile harmful events that have gone on to inform who we are? This film aims to make light of darkness while residing in its shadow.

Talena Sanders

2020, Mexico, 16mm, col, silent, 2' 30''

Preparations for performances - for audiences and the everyday.

Juliana Kasumu
What Does The Water Taste Like?

2020, UK, HD/SD/16mm, bw/col, sound, 8'

Promoted by intimate conversations and layered with found footage, Kasumu questions the production of identity as it relates to her own personal affiliations with language; moments of tenderness which remain interwoven with love and aching. Demonstrated are the complex ways in which the past and present remain in constant dialogue. Focussing on the geographic entanglements of “foreign” identity and the cultural mobility of knowledge throughout history - presented are non-linear narratives on the manners of displacement which are part of the generational immigrant experience from the cradle, across the Atlantic ocean and then finally to the grave.

Mike Hoolboom
Zen Basketball

2020, Canada, HD, col, sound, 4' 30''

In a series of simple frames, the often misunderstood practice of Zen takes shape as basketball bliss. Now in retirement, the greatest defensive player of the amateur leagues continues to practice on a remote island, far from the madding crowds. His techniques and dedication undergo continual refinement, revealed here in this startling exposé.

Sofia Theodore-Pierce
Hear Me Sometimes

2020, USA, 16mm, col, sound, 14'

The monarch migration and an unearthed cassette tape correspondence form a storm of speaking towards motherhood, loss, expectation, care and legacy.An elegy. An ode to uncertainty. A cry for radical optimism and a reordering of splendor. An incomplete container for obsession and wonder. A mixtape for a trip still in progress.