FRACTO is an annual Experimental Film Encounter inviting artists and filmmakers to present works that explore today's perceptual landscape and interrogate its set of technological configurations. The second edition will be held at ACUD MACHT NEU Cinema & Studio in Berlin from the 24th to the 27th of May 2018, with four days of screenings, artist talks and workshops. The official selection curated by Giuseppe Boccassini and Tommaso Isabella will be presented in a series of 15 programmes presenting 70 international titles of recent artist moving image works and experimental films, including 11 World premières, 17 European premières and 30 German premières.


3 (from ZERO) by Jimmy Schaus, 3' 55'', 2017 USA, European première
7FF on¢idia by Ж, 8', 2016, Bolivia/Brazil/Cape Verde/Mexico/Germany, German première
17-17 by Gonzalo Egurza, 5', 2018, Argentina, World première
Ab Ovo by Luca Ferri, 24', 2017, Italy, European première
Amusement Park Home Movies Inspire the Algorithm by Caleb Foss, 7', 2017, USA, European première
Anche in paradiso non è bello essere soli by Lorenzo Gattorna, 8', 2017, Italy/USA, European première
And By The Night by Anna Kipervaser, 10', 2017, USA, European première
O aproveitamento da água na ilha da Madeira by Bruno Delgado Ramo, 12', 2017, Spain, World première
Le Bal by Annaëlle Winand, 3' 21'', Canada 2016, German première
Black Hillsmilk by Timon Meyer, 8' 20'', 2018, USA, German première
Buried in Light by Gautam Valluri, 8', 2016, India/France, Berlin première
Cactus Raptus by Maxime Hot, 6' 41'', 2018, France, World première.
Catalyst by Kent Tate, 3' 30'', 2018, Canada, European première
Circles of Confusion by Jason Britski, 5', 2017, Canada, German première
CODE VIRUS – Interactive Omni-Augmented Family Encyclopedia For Transhumanist Adaptability by Frederick Maheux, 11', Canada, 2017, World première.
Comfort Stations by Anja Dornieden, Juan David González Monroy, 26', 2018, Germany, German première
Dog in the Shade by Ei Toshinari, 11', 2016, Japan/USA, Berlin première
ÉLÉMENTS 1, 2, 3 by Tomaž Burlin, 7' 30''. 2017, France, Berlin première
An Empty Threat by Josh Lewis, 7', 2017, USA, German première
Esmark – Husby-klit Bk by Robert Seidel, 5', 2017 Germany, Berlin première
An Exercise In Exercise by Ethan Weinstock,9', 2016, USA, European première
Farewell Transmission by Mike Rollo, 14', 2017, Canada, German première
Film Loop 34: Shisendo by Michael Lyons, 1' 30'', 2017, Japan/Italy, German première
Flowing (for Naruse) by Ross Meckfessel, 2', 2018, USA/Japan, German première
Froom Zoom by Tiziano Doria, 3' 24", 2018, Italy, World première
FUGUE, A Light's Travelogue by Els van Riel, 27', 2017, Belgium, German première
Grabados del Ojo Nocturno by Jean-Jacques Martinod, 7', 2016, Ecuador/Morocco, Berlin première
An Infinite Loop for Resistance by Michael Woods (feat. Aldo Tambellini), 5' 41'', 2017, USA, German première
In a Free Sound Field by Monteith Mccollum, 10' 40'', 2017, USA, German première
In Film / On Video by Ignacio Tamarit, 3', 2018, Argentina, German première
It by Anouk De Clerq, Tom Callemin, 13', 2017, Belgium
Last Train by Dianna Barrie,12', 2016, Australia, German première
Love Canal by Elsa Brès, 18', 2017, France, European première
El Meraya by Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn, 19', 2018, Egypt/Germany/Brazil, German première
The Method by Gregg Biermann, 4', 2017, USA, European première
Missing Toes by Ian Bawa, 2', 2017, Canada, European première
Monelle by Diego Marcon, 16', 2017, Italy, German première
Moments from the Fall by Christina Hunt, 5' 28'', 2017, USA, European première
Mountain View by Markus Maicher, 3', 2018, Austria, International première
The Night in All Things by Alexander Girav, 10', 2017, USA, German première
Nutsigassat by Tinne Zenner, 20', 2018, Denmark/Greenland/Canada, German première
Off-line Situation by Antoine Larocque, 11' 30'', 2017 Canada, World première
Onward Lossless Follows by Michael Robinson, 17', 2017, USA
The Open Window by Lynne Siefert, 7', 2017, USA, German première
Palmerston Blvd. by Dan Browne, 15', 2017, Canada, German première
Pancoran by Richard Tuohy, 9', 2017, Australia/Indonesia, German première.
The Place I Will Have Left by Lena Ditte Nissen, 15', 2017, Germany, German première
Plus Ultra by Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado, 13', 2017, Spain, German première
Point of No Return by Zachary Finkelstein, 10', 2016, Canada, European première
Pumping With Skyscrapers by Georgie Flood, 3', 2017, USA, World première
Quiet, Walnut by Juana Robles, 8', 2018, Switzerland, German première
Recycled Realizations by Jon Behrens, 4' 30', 2017, USA, German première
Return to Forms by Zachary Epcar, 10', 2016, USA
Rodez by Stefano Miraglia, 3', 2017, France, World première
Senses of Time by Wenhua Shi, 5', 2018, USA/China, World première
Shape of a Surface by Nazli Dincel, 9', 2017, Turkey, German première
Sneyd Green by Simon Liu, 11', 2017, UK/USA, Berlin première.
Sounding by Carl Elsaesser, 6', 2017, USA, European première
The Spectre Watches Over Her by Rajee Samarasinghe, 14', 2016, Sri Lanka/USA, European première
Tente não existir by Amanda Devulsky, 10', 2018, Brazil, German première
UpCycles by Ariana Gerstein, 7', 2016, USA, Berlin première
UUFO by Yun Chen, 20', 2017, China/USA, European première
Viewfinder Material by Baptiste Jopeck, 16', 2017, France, German première
We All Live in the Blue Image Forever by James Edmonds, 6' 31'', 2018, Germany, German première
What Is Beyond the Hellraiser? by Guillaume Vallée, 2' 38'', 2017, Canada, European première
Wishful Thinking by Allan Brown, 13', 2017, Canada, German première
The Words Are Not What You Meant by Jiayi Chen, 13', USA, 2017, European première
Work with Stone by Andrew Gannon, Alex Hetherington, Oliver Mezger, 4' 26'', 2017, Scotland, World première
XCTRY by Bill Brown, 6', 2018, USA. World première
Zombie, Pt. 1 by Scott Fitzpatrick, 4', 2017, Canada, Berlin première

24 - 27 May 2018
ACUD Cinema & Studio Berlin

FRACTO is an annual Experimental Film Encounter inviting artists and filmmakers to present works that explore today's perceptual landscape and interrogate its technological configurations.
The second edition will be held at ACUD Cinema & Studio in Berlin from the 24th to the 27th of May 2018: four days of screenings, artist talks and workshops.
The main selection will be presented in a series of curated programs dedicated to recent artist films and videos, including several world and German premières. The selected titles will be announced in the beginning of May.
Cristina Baldacci, Federico Rossin and the Re-framing the home movie project (Karianne Fiorini and Gianmarco Torri), are the guest curators for this edition with two special programs and a workshop.
ICI Berlin fellow Cristina Baldacci invites artists Maria Iorio and Raphaël Cuomo to discuss their practice and present their film APPUNTI DEL PASSAGGIO (2014-16). Reconstructing forgotten episodes related to migration from Italy to Switzerland in the 1960s, the film introduces a minor perspective into the ways in which the historical phenomenon of migration from southern to northern Europe is represented today.
Federico Rossin selects titles from Paris distributor Lightcone for the program DISSOLUTION(S): disintegrations and repetitions in search of a possible incarnation of the cinematic (glorious) body. A program of four films as a ritual sacrifice of the photochemical matter and a cupio dissolvi of the digital palette.
Karianne Fiorini and Gianmarco Torri present RE-FRAMING THE HOME MOVIE, a workshop that will introduce the audience to home movies and amateur films as specific archival materials in the field of film heritage and as a creative source for filmmakers and artists. It will examine their peculiar characteristics (in terms of history, film formats, aesthetics) and address specific issues related to their preservation and their use in new works of art.

Maria Iorio / Raphaël Cuomo

Lightcone Distribution

Re-framing the home movie