Experimental Film Encounter

October 2021




The annual FRACTO Experimental Film Encounter once again invites filmmakers working in the varied domain of Experimental film to showcase their works combining contemporary contexts with a perceptual concern for how they are framed.

The entire festival is planned to take place on-site in Berlin, however due to the ongoing Covid situation, we might have to adapt some of our plans in light of the circumstances in Germany at the scheduled time of the festival.

The underlying theme of the festival in 2021 is Appropriation where we explore how our contemporary realities and their environment are lensed, configured, contextualised and re-contextualised. In keeping with this theme, the Special Program in this year's festival will focus on Found Footage. Filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky's work will be the nucleus in conjunction with other artists who have explored and expanded the notion of what it means to work within the tradition of Found Footage.

FRACTO is now accepting submissions for its 5th edition, which will take place in October 2021.

The SUBMISSION DEADLINE is the 1st of July, 2021, 23:59 CET

Every filmmaker may submit a maximum of two films.
All films should meet the following criteria:

• They must have been completed after the 1st of January, 2019
• The duration of the films should not exceed 30 minutes in length.

The films could have been shot in any format, celluloid (S8, 16MM, 35MM ...) or digital.  As Fracto is a non-profit collective, we kindly ask for a submission fee of 5 euros per film in order to support the project.


Team 2021

In charge of programme
Giuseppe Boccassini 

Clara Sokol

Giuseppe Boccassini
Federico Rossin
Arindam Sen
Maximilien Luc Proctor
Alice Cannava (occulto)  

Press and social
Catarina Cavallari

Natalia Fentisova
Melina Pafundi 

Graphic and web design