Selection #1


51 mins

Fracto opens the 2019 edition with an ‘inner-landscape’ hypnagogic session. The films selected serve as a tool for scattering sensual processes into a physical memory. The Alchemical gestures of the eye set the wheel of transmutations in motion. These works present an ordeal X, topographically marking the thresholds between inner and outer cinematic membranes. The funeral bell tolls! The tetrapod on fire looks straight back to us. The origins are hidden within the inner landscapes. In the darkest night of the soul, evil lighting forces break the consciousness down.


Thu 23 May

20:00h / ACUD STUDIO

Toby Tatum

UK, 2018, 6’, HD video, colour, sound, World Premiere

A haunting journey through a succession of weird landscapes, where paradoxical ruins are darkened by obscure foreboding and unearthly creatures hover on a threshold between worlds.The soundtrack by composer Abi Fry features an eerie collage of ominous funeral bells and lulling hypnotic choirs.

Brittany Gravely
USA, 2018, 3’, 16mm, b&w, silent, World Premiere

An ancient artifact, an alchemical algorithm, astrological archaeology.

Anna Kipervaser
When It Is Still

USA, 2018, 10’, 16mm, colour, sound, German Premiere

An enactment of transmutation, of the animation of the previously inanimate, the dead, the unborn. A rebirth of the self.

Leandro Varela
La Señal Cósmica

Argentina, 2018, 1’ 53’’, Super8 > HD video, b&w, silent, German Premiere

Employing a series of mixed techniques on a Super 8 film strip, this work explores the possibility of encoding a series of messages on film format.

Eric Ko
USA, 2018, 3’, HD, colour, sound, European Premiere

CLEARING is a rearrangement of pigmented dust, water, paper, and magnetized iron oxide into a spectral image and sound as a process of an emptying to create passage for renewal.

Adrián Canoura
Caerán Lóstregos do Ceo / Lightning will fall from the sky Spain, 2018, 27’, Hi8 > HD video, b&w, sound, German Premiere

For traditional society, essentially rural, the thunder is one of the worst evils; for that reason, it is attributed to Maligno and it is associated with the demon.
It is the still, almost frozen image of something that looks like a person (is it a person or a demon?) who raises his arms and, in a fascinating way, gets the rays to fall from the sky, as called upon and released by that strange and ghostly creature. The earth rumbles, the sound squeezes and the images dazzle for their grueling. Starting from the stories about the damn Santa Compaña galega and the poems of Rosalía de Castro (a great figure of modern Spanish poetry), Canoura gets an atmosphere from other times, where the myths fight with the most earthly elements. Spectres, fire and abstraction. Paradoxically, the return to the roots ends up pushing us to unknown limits. Or, if we put it in another way, the tradition closest to our blood is, also, timeless.