21:30h / ACUD Kino

Curated and introduced by Federico Rossin.
In collaboration with Light Cone Distribution.

Disintegrations and repetitions in search of a possible incarnation of the cinematic (glorious) body. A program of four films as a ritual sacrifice of the photochemical matter and a cupio dissolvi of the digital palette. (Federico Rossin)

Sound of a Million Insects, Light of a Thousand Stars
Tomonari Nishikawa
2', 2014, Japan

I buried a 100-foot 35mm negative film under fallen leaves alongside a country road, which was about 25 km away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, from the sunset of June 24, 2014, to the sunrise of the following day. The night was beautiful with a starry sky, and numerous summer insects were singing loud. The area was once an evacuation zone, but now people live there after the removal of the contaminated soil.

3rd Degree
Paul Sharits
24', 1982, USA

The film is "about" the fragility of the film medium and human vulnerability; both the filmic and the human images resist threat/intimidation/mutilation: the victim is defiant and the film strip also struggles on, both "under fire." It is a somewhat violent drama but it is also an ironically comic work and there is a formal beauty in the destructiveness of the burning film. While the film (from section to section) develops, becomes more visually complex, successively regenerates (as the figurative images degenerate), it nevertheless implies not finality; rather, 3RD DEGREE implies endurability, extension and on-goingness.

The Politics of Perception
Kirk Tougas
33', 1973, USA

"Following an introduction which establishes the social context of the film, ‘The Politics of Perception’ presents a one-minute promotional film advertising a popular Hollywood thriller. This section then repeats itself: a print is generated from the one-minute segment, then a print from the print, and so on as the image and sound slowly disintegrate with each new cycle, until the visual and sound information have completely evolved to white light and white noise. The most original film from the Northwest area. ‘The Politics of Perception’ explores conceptually the paradoxes of communication and the very nature of film itself, progressing from movie reality to its utter abstraction. A maddeningly stimulating work!" (James Broughton)

Vingt-neuf minutes en mer
Jacques Perconte
29', 2016, France

Because of this ubiquitous violence, the image bleeds. But the red does not remain on the surface of the water.