21:15h / ACUD Kino


Three wicked experiments in sensory stimulation that recall the fairground origins of cinema, when, before documenting realities or narrating fictions, it was essentially a tool for affecting bodies, and selling acts and sensations, that is, “events that activate the senses”. An obsessive loop, a grainy documentary and a mysterious found film: open your eyes as well as the pores of your skin and surrender to a flux of shocks and bliss that is as soft as a snail and as stinging as a cactus. (T.I.)

Cactus Raptus

Maxime Hot
6' 41'', 2018, France, World première

Raptus (“delight” in Latin) is a strong disturbance of consciousness provoking a sudden impulse urging the subject to act violently in a reflex way.The cactus is a spiny plant whose certain species contain psychoactive substances. Cactus Raptus is a combination of these two elements.

Missing Toes
Ian Bawa
2', 2017, Canada, European première

A short experimental documentary about foot care for diabetic and foot amputees.

Comfort Stations
Anja Dornieden, Juan David González Monroy
26', 2018, Germany, German première

All this material was found. From what we can gather, it makes up some sort of psychological test. The technique is comprised of a set of images and sounds. They were carefully selected from a large pool drawn from very diverse sources. They depict events that, according to theory, activate the senses. They contain only sufficient detail to identify an event; all potentially biasing details are absent. Participants should open themselves to experience the events with all their senses. They should remain open after each event concludes and prepare for further events. Feel free to participate, but please remember to treat these experiences with the caution they require.