20:20h / ACUD Kino


Starting amid the sluggish confusion of Jakarta traffic and ending with a catastrophic horse race, a collection of experiments that utilize the film frame as an elastic temporal surface in order to obtain the estranging effects of synchronicity. Employing different shooting and optical processing techniques, the image is split, sliced and woven, shrunken and multiplied, and methodically peeled off in a cascade of superimpositions. The frame is at once folded and expanded to allow different moments of time to harmoniously coexist or brutally collide. (T.I.)

Richard Tuohy
9', 2017, Australia/Indonesia, German première

Jakarta traffic moves with the harmonious chaos of complex self organising entities everywhere. Through contact printer matteing techniques this mass transport becomes denser and denser until only the fluid futility of motion/motionlessness remains. Jakarta traffic stands as proof of the paradox of motion.

Film Loop 34: Shisendo
Michael Lyons
1' 30'', 2017, Japan/Italy, German première

Photographed on 16mm film in a 35mm still camera at Shisendo temple in northeast Kyoto and hand-developed using matcha (powdered green tea). The soundtrack is an excerpt from “Eunoia” by Stefano de Ponti and Elia Moretti recorded in Torino, Italy. The film was viewed during the recording of this track.


Bill Brown
6', 2018, USA. World première

Leaving one hometown and looking for the next one.

Ariana Gerstein
7', 2016, USA, Berlin première

This film was constructed through a long process involving revision and reorganization across multiple cinematic media. It began with super 8 film shot at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and 16mm shot from the El train and along lake Michigan. Images were thought through as they were re-worked by optical printing and hand chemical processing. Film cut every frame or two were stepped up and down along the way (super 8 onto 16mm onto 35mm and back down to 16mm). The film remained as film for years. Recently it was taken to a new level by optical printing with a digital camera on a JK printer. I would like to think the film has finally completed it’s journey – but we’ll see.

The Method
Gregg Biermann
4', 2017, USA, European première

Marlon Brando in the role that established him as a star and proliferated the acting style known as the method in Hollywood is superimposed over himself as he repeats the iconic line: "Stella".

Wishful Thinking
Allan Brown
13', 2017, Canada, German première

Trotters come round the bend with Immanuel Velikovsky as race caller. Why can't we believe in “if” anymore. “The audio interference that he (Brown) whips up and cycles has the effect of sounding like a brewing storm. The stuttering images of horse-drawn chariots again evoke a coming apocalypse. Is Brown wishing for the end of the world, or for aesthetic gale winds that can bring order to chaos?” (Greg deCuir)