19:45h / ACUD Kino


In times of algorithmic wars-turned-politics and information overload-turned-aesthetics, this programme sounds like a medley of protest songs against the numbing effects of the digital cloud. We move from the Brazilian Olympics to the US election, and return to the steps of Odessa, with glimpses of swarms and riots in decaying amusement parks or in global media events. Hacking codes and creating glitches among data flows and learning machines, this is “a call to #Revolt” that, far from being a desperate Luddite cry, invokes a conscious and strategic hybridization. (T.I.)

Gonzalo Egurza
5', 2018, Argentina, World première

In 2017, 100 years of the Russian revolution are celebrated. The scene of repression on Odesa's steps of the film Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein, is reorganized in a chaotic way using a digital algorithm. Generating thus, a random and singular montage.

7FF on¢idia
8', 2016, Bolivia/Brazil/Cape Verde/Mexico/Germany, German première

In ancient China the skin of the tiger was the representation of “continuous changing”; in Mayan world through the path of Bolom Chon (Jaguar) they could read constellations: the dance of cosmos. Fluxes are grouped in the film; spotted-jaguar, “7 pancadas”, speckled plants, ounce (oz), “golden spider”. Matter-energy-information varies. Side by side communication, surplus value of code. Commodities, bit coins, mountains of data. 7FF on¢idia: real impossibilia of capital life.

Amusement Park Home Movies Inspire the Algorithm
Caleb Foss
7', 2017, USA, European première

Experimental machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, generated the sound and images in this video. Typically used for commercial and political objectives and trained on massive datasets compiled from resources such as Google Images and YouTube, for this project the algorithms trained on short, fuzzy, old home videos of amusement parks.

An Infinite Loop for Resistance
Michael Woods (feat. Aldo Tambellini)
5' 41'', 2017, USA, German première

An avant-garde is a front line. This is a work for the regeneration of the avant-garde. This is a media-fashioned attack aimed at the disturbing omnipotence of hyperrealism and fascist banality - best symbolized by Donald Trump's burning latex effigy. This is a violent collage - shreds of simulacral tumult, a riot in media waste. Meant to be projected anywhere - as a call to arms, a way to incite, an attempt at shaking the normalization of bigotry and authoritarianism. This is a call to #Revolt more than #Resist. This is not for photo ops. Rather than bathe in the aesthetics of nothingness, it is time to wake up and fight the active evil that radiates from the seat of "power" and alters the real through mediated nihilism.