19:00 h / ACUD Kino


Overwriting and encrustations for a collection of assemblages where technical discontinuities, like those between film and video or analogue and digital image processing, combine and clash in the form of material traces that chisel and wrinkle the surface of the image. Old trailers, phantom broadcasts, hard drive scraps: memories resurfacing to create layered tracks where different media temporalities haunt each other. (T.I.)

In Film / On Video
Ignacio Tamarit
3', 2018, Argentina, German première

Can film and video coexist in the same film? Here, 16 mm and VHS tapes need each other in order to exist. Thanks to the transparent clear leader support of acetate of 16 mm, we can visualize in movement the materiality of the analog video support, stuck on top of the film, serving as skeleton and structure of the vhs tapes intervened. A film, a video? Both and none at the same time ...

Recycled Realizations
Jon Behrens
4' 30', 2017, USA, German première

I put this film together from found 35mm trailers from mainstream hollywood movies from the mid 1990’s. the films were painted, scratched, manipulated and optically printed.

3 (from ZERO)
Jimmy Schaus
3' 55'', 2017, USA, European première

Scraps from the filmmaker's hard drive, culled from documentation of various live events and performances, are chopped up and processed through analog video equipment, taking on new life as they pulse and interweave with composer Coleman Zurkowski's score. Featuring Lyra Hill, Forced Into Femininity, UIC art students, UIC's girl rugby team, Suckdog, and Young Thug.

Esmark - Husby-klit Bk
Robert Seidel
5', 2017, Germany, Berlin première

Esmark is a collaboration between the sound architect Nikolai von Sallwitz (Taprikk Sweezee) and the experimental artist Alsen Rau (Scheich in China, On+Brr). The track “Husby-klit Bk.” is taken from their double album “Māra I & II” (Bureau B). The music video by Robert Seidel is based on a live video performance, in which a modular video synthesizer generates mental spaces between floating and overwriting realities. The visual material is based on a convolute of geographical impressions, that are fused by the cinematic soundscape into a continuous stream of dissolving memories.

Farewell Transmission
Mike Rollo
14', 2017, Canada, German première

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation opened the doors of the CBK Transmitter Station in 1939 to serve the prairie region of Canada. Farewell Transmission is equal parts indexical record of the demolition of CBK in 2015 and subjective response to the residual media documenting the event. The building is framed with tension preceding its destruction: emulsion pulsates as if with decades of radio transmission, creating an unsettled eulogy for a cultural institution.