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Alpine panoramas and tropical forests, fascist monuments and outsider art environments, stained glass and industrial buildings, the sea and the desert: scattered dispatches from the wanderings of the restless eye. Architectures and natural landscapes are deconstructed and recomposed via a mechanical gaze oscillating between kinetic abstraction and suspended contemplation. Six diverse attempts at exhausting a place by turning solid matter into luminous vibrations. (T. I.)

Mountain View
Markus Maicher
3', 2018, Austria, International première

Three continuous zooms towards a landscape are deconstructed into a discontinuous appearance of single frames. The panoramic view is obstructed, the organic movement of the hand dissolved into structural variation of the basic units of film. Indexical content is inevitably present on the physical film strip and yet lost in the structure of the film.

ÉLÉMENTS 1, 2, 3
Tomaž Burlin
7' 30''. 2017, France, Berlin première

Three image-plays based around themes of the forest, the sea and a landmark. A stop-motion journey through a tropical forest, over rocky trails in search of an illusory connection to a manicured version of nature. The camera tries to escape, but a feeling of simulacrum lingers. A plunge into the Mediterranean Sea, a body that connects and divides us, an elemental force of creation and of death. A deconstruction of an architectural symbol suffused with fascist ideology, from a viewpoint somewhere between repulsion and fascination.

Buried in Light
Gautam Valluri
8', 2016, India/France, Berlin première

Somewhere in the forests of the sub-conscious, a sleepwalker journeys through the remains of a lost city. Here the people and animals have become part of the architecture, the finer details of which are revealed through the moving light of the sun. Echoes of a possible past are heard in all corners. This place is now a somnambular archaeological site, lost in the no man's land between dream and memory.

Grabados del Ojo Nocturno
Jean-Jacques Martinod
7', 2016, Ecuador/Morocco, Berlin première

A collage of collected imagery turned ritual travelogue: from the Sahara to the oceans of South America, passing through an old ancestors abode.

Stefano Miraglia
3', 2017, France, World première

An exploration of the Rodez Cathedral in 292 photographs.

The Open Window
Lynne Siefert
7', 2017, USA, German première

Like restless, waiting missiles, pillars of industrial machinery send us to a desolate world.