19:45h / ACUD Kino


Four films vibrating in sumptuous chromatic richness offer a plunge into sheer analogue pleasures: solitary reflections in the golden hour, herbal-diaries, visitations and recollections that wind up in a swirling dance of hues and flashes of pure beauty. Ranging from the intoxicating to the melancholic, they keep spinning in your head like an old carrousel or a projector spool. (T. I.)

And by the Night
Anna Kipervaser
10', 2017, USA, European première

After a period of no revelations, Surah al-Duha was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, stating that God had neither forsaken nor forgotten him. And to be patient. The film is also a response to my abortion.

Moments from the Fall
Christina Hunt
5' 28'', 2017, USA, European première

Like a poem from “Flowers of Evil” by Baudelaire, this piece investigates the raw states of desire by depicting the beauty of an obscured wildlife and its intersection with human nature. The fall into a deep internal processing of one’s past becomes a repetitive act on the verge of over analysis. Submerged in the gravity of life changes one is pushed to step forward to a free fall. Yielding control, sharing visions of a present experience, the journey becomes an aesthetic release from formality, a lightness of being.

Sneyd Green
Simon Liu
11', 2017, UK/USA, Berlin première

It’s any day, any year in the house of Alan and Vera in their Post-Industrial English conurbation formerly known for their world renown pottery industry, yet on this week they are interrupted by their camera toting grandson. This May is one of moving, dancing, and gliding more softly and with greater awareness. They might have been stars, they could have been famous! Conceived as a ditty; presented with an orchestra of loved ones, this is a handmade exploration of positive and negative space in concert with past and present yearnings.

We All Live in the Blue Image Forever
James Edmonds
6' 31'', 2018, Germany, German première

A collage of half forgotten sub-truths of found and rediscovered footage and scraps which are continuously added to over time, complete with hand painted and scratched sections. Momentary flashes and collisions awaken us us to an abstract memoristic language. The inability to deal with the idea of past / a reflection on the painted image and filmic reproduction. Named after a line in William Burroughs’ The Soft Machine.