17:30h  / ACUD Studio


Excavations in public and private archives that involve confrontations with the past that are marked by longing and absence, reminding one that every act of memory involves a restitution as well as an erasure. Substantial manipulations of the original footage play at the threshold of legibility: deformation as a sign of a subjective metabolism. And still the call of distant and faded worlds slips through the narrow focus of a magnifying glass, or the tiny void of a film perforation. (T. I.)

Le Bal
Annaëlle Winand
3' 21'', Canada 2016, German première

The Dance comes from a footage produced by an insurance company in the 1950’s to praise their after-war participation in the rebuilding of my grandmother’s village, in Belgium. Different technological and technical layers (the images were filmed on stock, broadcasted on television, taped on vhs and finally converted to digital) blur the memory of a dance whose participants we do not know. Ghostly faces interweave, interlace and circle, brushing past the camera and staring at us, before disappearing in the dark.

Anche in paradiso non è bello essere soli
Lorenzo Gattorna
8', 2017, Italy/USA, European première

In memory of Nonno Pierino.

Circles of Confusion
Jason Britski
5', 2017, Canada, German première

Circles of Confusion is formal experiment that combines underwater photography and archival “home movie” footage. The images are manipulated, superimposed, and degraded digitally in order to reveal the beauty and the danger hovering at their margins.

Froom Zoom
Tiziano Doria
3' 24", 2018, Italy, World première

A life under fire. A view through military crosshairs. Facts that happened come back regardless of the historical moment. Victims hold the same postures. Dust of dry heat covers lifeless bodies.

Last Train
Dianna Barrie
12', 2016, Australia, German première

Found in the (now possibly lost) film archive at Lab Laba Laba, footage from a trailer for the 1981 Indonesian propaganda film 'Kereta Api Terakhir' (The Last Train) melts into a soup of chemigrammed perforations. A film about the silence that follows the unspeakable; about blurred visions, untold histories and inaccessible archives.