23:30h / ACUD Kino


Adapting and updating the anatomy as an open platform, a compound of objects and drives. A programme that revels in the “sex-appeal of the inorganic”, prosthetic pleasures and repulsing interfaces. Among the smooth surfaces of aseptic furniture and digital screens limbs proliferate, mutations occur and subjective gazes roam, leaving us guessing about the entities behind them. Anthropological observations on a human form yet to come, testing the blurring boundaries between self and commodity, image and performance. (T.I.)

CODE VIRUS – Interactive Omni-Augmented Family Encyclopedia For Transhumanist Adaptability
Frederick Maheux
11', Canada, 2017, World première

Unable to adapt to ever-accelerating technological developments and cultural paradigm shifts, the Global Ministry of Education transferred the creation of its educational softwares to the leader of Artificial Intelligence, Alphabet. The objectives: maintaining aesthetic and lexical relevance to keep the youth interested in learning while preparing them for the current and upcoming crisis (increasing atmospheric temperature and bacteriological terrorist attacks from the Third World Axis, for instance). The AI unfortunately sent an entire generation in disarray, leading children to severe mental illnesses and violent antisocial tendencies. All but one of the softwares created were destroyed, kept as a memento of our mistake.

Return to Forms
Zachary Epcar
10', 2016, USA

A constellation of objects, each emerging into the soft peach-light void of an indeterminate condominium space.

Pumping with Skyscrapers
Georgie Flood
3', 2017, USA, World première

A woman pumps breastmilk in front of skyscrapers. A bird makes a brief appearance.

Off-line Situation 
Antoine Larocque
11' 30'', 2017 Canada, World première

Realized through a variety of video sequences such as HI-8 videotapes, user-generated content from the Snapchat platform as well as sequences produced by the author, Off-line Situation is a research about the ambiguous relationship cultivated by society regarding its complicity between photographic/videographic documentation and the drifts of Neoliberalism. We are witnessing the emergence of a new image with no apparent or precise status. Within this context, how does this mise-en-scène, so specific to fiction, parasitizes our daily lives?

Carl Elsaesser
6', 2017, USA, European première

A film reflecting on a period of time when the filmmaker was spending a lot of time in doctors offices. Taking an account of one person's experience of Anesthesia Awareness, Sounding is an exercise in examining the boundaries of a body through mapping out its landscape the way a oceanographer would the sea floor.

An Exercise in Exercise
Ethan Weinstock
9', 2016, USA, European première

Every muscle, even the ones in the limbs you did not know you had, need a work out. Each bend and stretch is an exercise in exercising the limits of what your definition of a queer body can be.