21:00h / ACUD Studio

MIROR (52')  

Mirrors and mirages share a linguistic root in the Latin verb “miror” (“to admire, to marvel at”), testifying to the awe and wonder inspired by reflections and their deceptive acts of generation. Mirrors, deserts: desolate surfaces where the self is lost and dispersed in its manifold appearances. Balancing acts between reality and its doubles, these films use mythical settings to delve into the mystery of unity and multiplicity: one walks among trembling ruins, two meet in a petrified Eden, three chase each other across the rivers of time. (T.I.)

Shape of a Surface
Nazli Dincel
9’, 2017, Turkey, German Premiere

The ground holds accounts of once pagan, then christian and now muslim ruins of the city built for Aphrodite. As she takes revenge on Narcissus, mirrors reveal what is seen and surfaces, limbs dismantle and marble turns flesh.

Ab Ovo
Luca Ferri
24', 2017, Italy, European première

In a desert and hostile paradise, between mountains of sand and solitary camels in perpetual journey, life is renewed with a promise of love in the shade of a lone tree. Adam and Eve have a chance. The last chance to heal and create a new progeny of more decent human beings. Nine long takes in super 8mm colour in which we took Adam and Eve and had them redo everything over again, from scratch.

El Meraya
Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn
19', 2018, Egypt, Germany, Brazil, German première

The time machine works by superimposing enigmas, materializing the past and projecting the future. All previous and further images will be forever printed as frames on a roll of film.