22:00-22:20h / 20th May / Acud Studio


Inside Outside
6 min / Germany, UK

A fictional architecture of interiors and exteriors made through intuitive observations with the lens. The juxtaposition of the two spaces act as both metaphor and experiential resonance for the inner and outer worlds of the self, as well as being a quietly autobiographical documentation of a life between two places.

»A constellation of internal and external forms, in a continuous return, moving from closed to open form, from one film to another.« (TONI D'ANGELA)

Overland (part one)
7 min / Germany, UK / German premiere

A fragment of memory is briefly evoked. The memory of a boat journey, of traveling as a child.
The child is born into the universe in a flurry of images which constantly shift between modes of chromatic reality. The substances of the earth and it's elements circulate and accumulate in material fluctuation.

Part of the longer film OVERLAND