»Chance Encounters«
39 min / 21st May / Screenings / ACUD Cinema
Four filmic contemplations on the (un)capturability of chance encounters and of the everyday as a point where the profane and the poetic, the pop cultural and the personal converge, ultimately leading to an intimate reflection on the nature and the act of filming itself.

A Century Plant in Bloom
Ross Meckfessel
10 min / 2017 / USA / German premiere

»I remember one day sitting at the pool and suddenly the tears were streaming down my cheeks. Why was I so unhappy? I had success. I had security. But it wasn't enough. I was exploding inside.« (Ingrid Bergman)
A cry for help in the form of a pop song. A village cast as a simulacrum of the past by Oliver Stone and Ridley Scott, Pasolini and Scorsese. As the future starts devouring the present, how can we hope to remember the past? Pics or it never existed.

Impulse Fever
Jake Davidson
16 min / 2015 / USA , Palestine / German premiere

Recalling a military raid in the city of Bethlehem, Impulse Fever follows the missed opportunity of recording an injustice to reconcile images that are present but never captured. Influenced by Hervé Guibert's notion of the Ghost Image, narration and collage examine the site of the raid, an Ottoman wall of an ancient guest house, and an anthropometric medical book found at a 24-hour bookstore.

The seaweed in your hair
Daphné Hérétakis
8 min / 2016 / France , Greece / German premiere

»Extracts from a diary, a pop song, a poem read by passers-by in the streets of Athens.«

reflections, departs
Ian Menoyot
5 min / 2016 / Belgium / German premiere

Waiting at a train station in Brussels.